Hi Stephen, I absolutely think this is a…

Hi Stephen, I absolutely think this is an untapped market opportunity! What a cool product. I do think that the cost per item (as highlighted by @rstpierre below), particularly due to the hardware manufacturing cost, is the major barrier to your idea at this time. As an EVA, I think this product has enormous potential: it streamlines teacher’s days by sharing administrative information with students (e.g. assignment due dates), attendance etc, it streamlines students experience by saving them time in tracking information directly themselves, and it allows for cool projects like geocaching. Unfortunately in spite of all these benefits I don’t think I’d invest because the hardware cost to get this item into schools simply seems like an insurmountable barrier in the current funding climate. If we can barely get texts into schools, I think there is a real barrier for each student in a class to be outfitted with a $600 wearable (this appears to have most of the functions of an Apple Watch, which is where I’ve pulled that number from), and as such I’m not sure it’s scaleable.

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