Hi Stephen, I like the concept behind E-…

Hi Stephen,
I like the concept behind E-Bit and was impressed by how professional and comprehensive your pitch and your site were. I see a lot of potential for wearables in schools, but like other reviewers, things like price per student, privacy, and your market projections all went up a little red flags for me, but since I have no business background, I have to couch my thoughts on whether the pricing or projections are appropriate. Sure, privacy is an issue — but this issue exists for all wearables and all student-carried devices, so it’s not a major deterrent in my mind. My biggest concern for E-Bit’s success is generating the “buy in” for students and teachers. The E-Bit’s competition may not have all the same features or capabilities, but when I think about my sassy, too-cool-for-school Grade 6 students, I just CANNOT imagine any student (or teacher for that matter) that is going to get excited about wearing a device that is purely school-related. The “cool factor” simply isn’t there. One thought would be to consider transforming the concept behind E-Bit into an app that can be loaded onto other, more desirable, wearables, but in its current model, I personally wouldn’t be interested in investing. i

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