Hi Stephen, I really enjoyed your pitch…

Hi Stephen,

I really enjoyed your pitch and felt the areas you covered on the website were very well researched.

The credibility of your pitch was certainly enhanced by your team. A very impressive bunch indeed.

There were two concerns that popped out for me as I absorbed your idea.

The main concern for me was the permission issue. I see it has been mentioned in the other comments a few times already. As a parent, I would have a large concern about a school making my children wear a device that can track them. I would suspect that lawyers would have something to say about this too.
Secondly, the feature-rich device didn’t jive with the price you were estimating. While a $150 price point would mostly certainly positively position this product within a competitive market and likely cause some disruption, I am doubtful about the profit margin you’d actually make – if any.

In light of that, I would not invest but I did very much enjoy your concept and am left feeling that the kernel of the idea is quite strong.


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