Hi Steve, Thank you for your valid comme…

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your valid comments and concerns. You’re right that there can certainly be negative ramifications from improper use of social media. You are also correct in that no one should be ‘forced’ or ‘coerced’ into using social media.

The entire point of this week’s activities is to showcase how social media can be used effectively for educational purposes. Furthermore, to be aware and conscious of one’s digital reputation and footprint (something many students know little about). It is important for educators to teach students how to be active digital citizens while also being cognizant of possible ramifications. The world of social media can provide people with influence, information, and connections that would be otherwise impossible. A great example is this course, which is based entirely on a social media platform that is public and accessible to anyone. Everything we post on here can be read by random people so we must encourage proper usage and be aware of what we say. social media is a powerful tool that should be used correctly and positively. One of the best ways an educator can teach a student of proper and appropriate use of social media is to be an active user themselves.

As you mentioned, students and younger generations will be using social media regardless of what is learned in schools. Therefore, we – as educators – should feel inclined to demonstrate and showcase proper usage of social media as opposed to simply saying no and disallowing it.