Hi Tanya, This is a great venture pitch…

Hi Tanya,

This is a great venture pitch assignment. It included thoughtful design from start to finish and was cleanly presented. As Robert said earlier, I agree that it doesn’t necessarily get investors “interested.” Education for public sector employees is always seems to be marketed as “non-profit,” yet it requires a ton of funding and support financially. As a K-12 teacher, I have seen many teachers attempting to receive professional development training but have fallen short due to “investors” (ministry) seeing the financial benefit to promoting these workshops. This may hold the same and translate to struggles for the police sector as well. I was curious if your venture seeks to replace current training situations or is it a supplement? In my opinion, a full or near-full replacement would be potentially hazardous as real life scenarios using paint balls and other alternate methods provides the police members with some resemblance of “reality” whereas VR may remove the immediate fear and/or danger from the participants.


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