Hi Team, First, excellent work on having…

Hi Team,

First, excellent work on having us go through this content on our mobile devices, it adds to the experience of working through the content. However, as others have mentioned, i’m a little confused as to why we’re going through social media, as opposed to mobile learning? It is an interesting take on the subject none the less. 

I’ll argue against the idea that educators have a “duty to educate students [with using social media] in this digital age”. I do not believe that it is all educators duty to educate students to create social media accounts in order to teach them how to use social media appropriately. There is little guidance available for educators on instructing proper digital citizenship in social media platforms, and on top of this, many Terms of Services on these platforms to not allow students under 13-14 to use the the platforms as it is. While I agree that educators should talk about digital citizenship and footprints, I would not go as far as saying it is our duty to have students practice social media through the creation and curation of accounts on various platforms. Hearing this, would you still argue that it is our duty as educators to teach students about 

For the digital footprint, you say to “make sure we have accounts” for many of these services, but do not provide a strong argument as to why we should have all of these accounts beyond having a “digital presence”. Why exactly should we have these accounts for a digital presence? What exactly does this do to provide a benefit as an educator to create shadow accounts if we never intend to use them? 

I like the idea of purchasing your own domain, I have at broganpratt.com, and it is a great way to curate your online presence so that people see first what you would like them to see. I would have liked to see you expand upon this idea. 

A few formatting things you may want to clean up for better flow:
- It is unclear whether I’m supposed to view your write ups on specific social medias or not, and there is no simple way to go back to the website “flow” with a button on the bottom of these pages. 
- The infographics are really small to read on a small mobile device. Much easier to consume these wordy and small texts on a computer screen