Hi Team, Thank you for putting this OER…

Hi Team,
Thank you for putting this OER together. I definitely appreciated the layout on your weebly site, where it was easy to access each module and keep track of what I’d completed. I think my biggest piece of advice would be to paraphrase/reword some of the content that you’re providing. It seemed like there was a lot of information that was quoted directly from sources, (Module 1 – “What is Microlearning” and Module 2 from Trang, for example). I know others have already addressed the fact that Module 2 seemed sub-par, and I think the amount of direct quoting in that module is part of the issue. Also, I think some things could introduced in a little bit more detail, like the “Meet the Modern Learner” diagram (Module 3) which seemed a bit disconnected. I’m thinking maybe the prezi format (which worked well for a lot of aspects) made introducing certain diagrams/components awkward?
On the very minor side of things, some of the wording for classroom management was pulled from one of the tech companies you profiled, so I’d recommend changing that, and the “Why?” section on Module 5 didn’t make complete sense (to me, there seemed to be a grammatical issue that made it confusing). Anyways, I hope I didn’t bog you down things to consider changing. As a whole, I really did find the content you provided to be quite useful, and will be reflecting more on the forgetting curve as I go about planning out my future teaching units.