Hi there — loved the project and I’m l…

Hi there — loved the project and I’m looking forward to reviewing the final launched digital book. I wanted to add some comments to on the feedback page, but can no longer access the book. What I liked about the experience is first and foremost, the uniqueness of it. I think this is a ‘legacy’ project that will live on, perhaps evolving each term/year. I also think it has a real world value — a great orientation for new students to the MET program. I found the tool to be very straightforward and was up and running in short order. (The initial issues were not tool specific, just trying to find work arounds for the seat limitation issue but you guys ended up getting this sorted out quickly). From a classroom usefulness perspective, I think that students would enjoy a similar project — and could be adapted into elementary, middle and high schools fairly easily. The price point I think is also quite reasonable. I didn’t look at the terms and conditions of licensing the software, but I’m assuming there is no claim to a revenue share on any product produced, or restrictions on printing or sending to another publisher for printed editions. Overall, great project. Was fun and I look forward to reading all of our published works!

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