Hi there, While social media is not dire…

Hi there,

While social media is not directly the same as mobile learning, mobile technology and social media is completely inseparable. For students, every time they pick up their mobile devices, they pretty much always using social media. In regards to whether it is our duty to to guide our students in regards to social media, we feel that it is definitely our duty to do so and the best way to guide our students is through leading by example. It is not enough to teach our students course content. The social and emotional health of our students, which in most cases is linked to social media, should be a priority of educators. This aspect of our students can impact the school, home and even academic lives of our students making it important for us to do so.

Regardless of if you create accounts in the areas where we advise you, you have a digital presence. Our suggestions are an attempt to present yourself in a truthful and positive light.

We will definitely look in to improving the flow and formatting.

Thanks for your feedback.