Hi Tina and Tariq, Thanks for your feedb…

Hi Tina and Tariq,
Thanks for your feedback. The “on hiatus” part through me too as when I first choose this product I was really excited about it. I had started research and creating the videos when I heard back from one of the developers at the last minute. I agree that the on hiatus part would scare off a lot of people. However, I was thinking over the last couple of days that a potential investor could buy the app outright from the creator and further develop the product. I feel that Project TimeTravel has great “bones” that could be built upon. I never heard back from the developer about whether he was interested in selling his unfinished project to a more experienced game/app developer. The game/app developer would be the target market for this product at this time, where the educational industry would the target market for the future developed version.

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