Hi Tina – Fantastic job! I would invest…

Hi Tina – Fantastic job! I would invest in this venture without hesitation. Your concern regarding the “basic” nature of your visuals was unfounded. I found the entire pitch to be very professional and highly compelling. The pain point of declining motor skills hits very close to home for me, as one of my three children was identified with a deficit in this area at a very young age. One recommendation that I would make regarding your description of the pain point, is to include additional information regarding the connections between writing or drawing by hand and neuro/cognitive development. Your solution of nano interactive papers is deceptively simple, but at the same time so well thought out. The comparability to real paper in terms of size makes great sense. The range of overlays also offers the user great options right out of the box. The fact that it is solar powered also makes the product highly attractive. If, as you state, this is truly the first product of its kind (tslearn’s review seems to indicate otherwise), competition does not seem to be a problem and you clearly describe the differences between your product and existing tablet technology. It is hard to argue with your ask/return numbers, and I like the way that you have compared the all in price at a “per class” level. This will be meaningful for your target market. All of this, combined with your own knowledge and experience as the CEO, make for a winning venture!

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