Hi Tina, I feel like I saw sheet music p…

Hi Tina, I feel like I saw sheet music paper that plays notes when you write them in some sci-fi story once, maybe an old episode of Star Trek or something. Very futuristic! While I see the appeal in Nano Interactive Paper, I have a couple of concerns. Could it really be as thin as real paper or would it be more like the thickness of a plastic placemat (which is how the circuit board in your pitch seems to be)? If it’s that thin, it could rip, and as we’ve seen with the latest incarnation of Canadian currency, that which claims to be indestructible really isn’t so. My other concern is your pain point. While there is the case of your son, and some of our colleagues below have echoed your concerns, I’ve never noticed this problem in my 12 years of teaching. Of course, some kids have bad handwriting, but that has always been the case and I don’t know if this can be blamed on digital technology. I used to teach ESL to Koreans who were always on devices, yet had beautiful printing skills. I don’t teach high school, though, so I suppose if they are typing all the time in high school this could be the case, but could you back up this claim with any solid research?

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