Hi Tomek, many thanks for your kind revi…

Hi Tomek, many thanks for your kind review. Regarding costs, I did go fairly deep into the research for this assignment and spoke with a sales rep. from both ClearCompany and iCIMS Onboard, 2 of the 3 competitors To CompanyCAVU that I listed. They were both offering subscription models. iCIMS Onboard was priced at $5-7 USD per employee, plus a set-up cost. ClearCompany had a subscription pricing based on admins, with ~$6K USD per year for 2 admin seats. Neither company offered any creative services to help as they were very focused on forms and process. CompanyCAVU would stand apart from this as being a more creative service, with process bits woven in. Therefore, our pricing would be based on company sizes (S,M,L) and then a fee for the creative consulting and development team.

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