Hi Tomek, Thank you for sharing the back…

Hi Tomek,

Thank you for sharing the background story behind this venture – many businesses succeed because there is a genuine need for their product and it seems like you have found one of those markets. As I was going through the venture pitch, the biggest question that kept arising was where the funding was going to come from. In the “the team” section you do mention that you have counsellors, nurses and government funded officials all agreeing to work on the project to help it grow – this is great! I do still wonder if these staff will be paid or volunteer and how much time they will be able to commit still having their own job and obligations. Further, I wondered if you had considered how the discussion board would be continually monitored while also having the ability for students to call in and speak to an expert. You venture has the potential to be very successful because of the great need that you have shown, I would just like to know that you have considered where the funding is going to come from – if government grants are a primary source then what is the process to obtain such funding (is there a pool already available or do you have to lobby your idea?)

All the best with this Tomek, it is a noble cause and one that is sure to make a difference in many young lives!

– Baljeet

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