Hi Tomek. This is an inspirational story…

Hi Tomek. This is an inspirational story and as an investor I would be compelled by this story because inspiration sells! As a non-profit venture in a society that has a dim view of mental health, as you say, you’ll no doubt have an uphill battle. I suspect you’ll get students reaching out, but will investors? You might have to reach out to investors from other countries, perhaps even Japanese foreign nationals who have been immersed in another culture and have learned to see mental health from a different perspective. I have no expertise in mental health, albeit I do have considerable experience in crisis intervention as a paramedic, and I would suggestion that there needs to be a synchronous component to your service. While the asynchronous component you describe on your website may be preventative to some degree, impulsivity plays significant role in suicides. In my experience, the time between suicide ideation and a suicide attempt can be very short. People need to talk with a live person to mitigate that impulsivity. As an EVA, I would have liked to have seen a video presentation with some sample screens and other features of the service. Finally, I am so sorry for your loss. This can be a powerful motivator and I wish you success with this venture!

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