Hi TSLEARN (Troy)…. Thank you for your…

Hi TSLEARN (Troy)…. Thank you for your review and pointing out a similar product, the “Sony Digital Paper”. A review of that product can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASgPvi0y4ww While there are SOME similarities, where the big difference lies is in the interactivity. The Sony product is simply a write-on tablet surface. Mine is “interactive”, sounding out letters and sounds, which greatly reinforces literacy skills. The Sony product is FAIRLY thin…. but again, not as thin as mine and not solar powered. You do bring up a good issue with regards to the noise factor. I neglected to cover this with the “bluetooth wireless headphone option”. Excellent point!! As for your offer to use your imaginary money to fund my imaginary product… you’re ON!! I know your great business sense… and we could really make this happen!! 🙂 CHEERS! -T.

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