Hi Vibhu, I really enjoyed your elevator…

Hi Vibhu,
I really enjoyed your elevator pitch – I thought it was clear, concise and gave me a good idea of what your product was. I agree that timely feedback is important for the learning process and I think developing a venture that touches on that is important. With that said, I worry about privacy concerns. Automatically sharing a browser does not give student’s a choice. Some students may be uncomfortable with being “watched”. I’m also not sure how practical it would be in the classroom if a teacher can only view/provide feedback to one desktop at a time. If you are the last student to receive feedback you may be almost done the activity already and lose out on the benefits of informal feedback. You also did not outline a pricing model so I’m not clear how much this software costs the consumers and in turn how much money I, as an investor, stand to make. For that reason I would not invest at this time.

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