Hi Vibhu, your pitch was clear and well-…

Hi Vibhu, your pitch was clear and well-organized. I also liked your use of the Piktochart to display the information. It’s good that you focused on an issue that you are facing, but as an online teacher myself, I personally don’t encounter this problem very often since I use our live synchronous sessions for interactive activities. Having Breakout Rooms with whiteboards for the participants to contribute to is more important than me seeing their screens. If I want my students to collaborate together, I use tools like Google Docs or Padlet where I can see who is adding what and provide feedback as necessary. If it is an eLearning activity that needs to be completed individually, they do this in their own time and not while we are online together. Appropriate feedback is built into the activity itself and I simply review their results and provide any additional feedback as necessary through the grade book. However, if I was in a teaching situation where the students were completing work independently, I would definitely want to see more than one screen at a time, similar to what others already mentioned. I think you need to focus your pitch on the teaching situation/scenario that would benefit from this tool.
As an investor, I have a few concerns. Security issues would definitely need to be addressed. How much could the teacher see, how much control would they have? How would the student be safe-guarded to ensure they can take control back and not allow others to use the tool? As well, who purchases the plugin, the teacher and student? How much would it cost? What happens if the students refuses to purchase it or install it? There are a few areas that need to be addressed before I could invest in this product.

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