Hi Vibhu, your video and the infographic…

Hi Vibhu, your video and the infographic are visually appealing, they present the information clearly. The idea for your venture was definitely born to satisfy your teaching needs, which is always great! You presented general information on Canadian and US education, e-learning programs stats, but as an investor, I would like to see a stronger argument on why I should invest in your particular product. I would also love to see information about your target market. If you compare your tool with Adobe Connect, I can assume your target audience is college/university instructors are students. If this is the case (I am speaking as a teacher and student now), the idea of individual work during a synchronous session does not resonate with me, I do not believe it is the best way to spend students’ time either. As I student, I would always feel under pressure knowing the teacher is observing my every step on the screen. What if I want to and can multitask? As a teacher, I feel like I would be jumping from screen to screen trying to catch what each student is doing, will I be able to really focus on each student and identify where and when my help is needed?

I feel students will value effective teacher-student and student-student interaction during live sessions. To keep students motivated and focused, teachers can use this time to discuss findings and problems, share real life experiences, collaborate with each other, do role-plays, take part in simulations, but individual work can be done at another time, and teacher’s feedback can be provided after reviewing that individual work. As an investor, I am thinking, how many teachers will this idea attract? How many of them would like to buy the tool?

The problem that I see many synchronous instructors are trying to solve is the breakout rooms for group work and teacher’s ability to move from room to room, listen, observe and provide feedback. Adobe Connect has this feature, but it has glitches and is not working well for many instructors. I feel this problem is close to the idea you are presenting, but it is focused more on groups than on individual work.

I am learning to think like an investor, but I know the educator is still winning when I am reviewing the pitches. As the idea does not resonate with me, I would not invest.

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