Hi Wanyi, Your presentations are visuall…

Hi Wanyi,

Your presentations are visually beautiful, but I don’t think they contain enough to get an EVA interested in your venture. I didn’t get the feeling that your elevator pitch was aimed at investors – it seemed more like a commercial for your service targeting end-users. Similarly, your venture pitch seemed more like a sales brochure – a venture capitalist probably doesn’t need to see that many inspirational quotes.

In terms of the venture pitch, you seem to have a strong interest in this area, are qualified to do this, and will likely make a very passionate champion for your venture. So, I have no problems with the people who will be running this venture.

Unfortunately, I can’t see much originality or innovation in the actual product you propose. That’s not to say that your idea lacks these things, it’s just not clearly identified for a potential EVA – ie. someone who is not familiar with the tools you currently have available (the pain point) and thus doesn’t know that they are inadequate.

It sounds like you have been giving this a significant amount of thought and might be considering pursuing this further, so I’ll just point out a few things that I think might improve your pitch:

Firstly, as an EVA, I would need to see a compelling pain point. The “pain” might be quite apparent to you, but an investor will not have the same level of knowledge of this market as you, so you need to make it very clear.

Secondly, make more of an effort to differentiate your solution from the competition. In your venture pitch, you point to three potential competitors but you don’t clearly identify how your venture is different and better than what is already on the market. Why would anyone want to use your site instead of the others?

Thirdly, considering that there are already other providers of similar products, is there room for you to enter the market? More importantly, how much room? What sort of income would you expect and how soon?

Lastly: Do you want my money?

Your pitch didn’t actually have one of the important components of a pitch – “the ask.”

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