Hi Yuandi. I think the product idea you…

Hi Yuandi. I think the product idea you have is interesting in targeting entrepreneurs starting out businesses. So I believe it does well in answering that pain point as people who start businesses need to worry about all facets from finances to marketing where their experience level in those areas may be lacking. I find that the potential behind the business is limited to those who are just starting out their companies because most businesses that are looking to scale, they will hire the appropriate accountant or HR person or will attempt to get formal accreditation within that area themselves. The way I view the product is potentially a Wikipedia or Coursera of businesses with a testing component. I believe it does well in probably teaching people about content areas if they are simply looking to expand their knowledge but those who are looking for very specific information – labour laws pertaining to human resources or a specific accounting process may not find a use for it. The idea that there is a diagnostic test is a unique selling point to determine comfortable areas. That is Bizschool’s selling point. I would have liked to see some images to vary up the elevator pitch to make it more engaging but I think your website was pretty clear and answered a lot of questions I had. At this time, I probably would not invest because I would like to see more on how this differentiates itself but it’s a good idea.

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