Hi Yuandi, Interesting concept, I used t…

Hi Yuandi,

Interesting concept, I used to run an entrepreneurial team as an extracurricular with my high school students and organized Junior Achievement for two years. I think entrepreneurial education is very important, there is lots for an entrepreneur to know when it comes to business, on top of their business specialty! Having a one stop, high value hub for business courses make sense.

I also believe that personalized learning for the types of knowledge that business owners might need is a great idea. I know that when I needed to know something it was because I was going to use it right away. I also agree, that the typical Browser search is either too general or too technical and takes too much time to find what you want.

I am trying to understand where you make your money. Are all of the courses available for free? You mention MOOCs so it sounds like courses would be free. However, the value added personal tutor time would be where you recover your money?

Also, where are you getting the content for the courses? This would be an expensive upfront cost. If you have a chance, I might suggest looking at Mariana’s e-Mining Business Model, they partner with authors but then receive money from the sale. Is your model maybe a bit like Lynda.com? Where learners pick from free one and then pay a subscription fee for monthly access?

I like that you have a needs test at the beginning of their course selection. Again, I have mentioned before how much I like quantified self and productivity apps, a tool that help point me to areas that I need to concentrate on would be wonderful.

I appreciated your venture pitch, it was different than others that I have seen so far submitted, and I liked listening in to your conversation about your needs and the pain points. You might have included some other images other than the speech bubbles, but you got the message across and I liked the last line about learning in your pocket.

Thanks so much Yuandi too for introducing us to the competition, I will definitely be checking those out!

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