Hi Zain! First of all, I really like the…

Hi Zain! First of all, I really like the name of your company: 3 spheres- wisdom and intelligence leading to knowledge! I found your elevator pitch entertaining. Not having ever worked in a hospital myself, to be honest, I didn’t realize that this was a pain point. I can truly see how your product would benefit both employers and contractors. Like your reflection, I also think that your concept is strong- providing a stable online training solution to hospitals who are struggling in providing mandatory trainings to their external contractors. In a very straight forward way, you addressed all the important points: pain point, solution, differentiation, marketing, championships, competition, the ask, and the return in a very succinct format. That being said, you listed “several companies’ that provide the same kind of solution with deep pockets, but it wasn’t until late in your pitch that you identified them as big name LMS companies. What do these companies offer? Why are you in competition with them? And why should you be the one that I invest in? Overall, I enjoyed your pitches! I think you are onto something! Lots of information with a succinct delivery- great work!

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