How can VR play a role in science subjec…

How can VR play a role in science subjects, such as physics and chemistry?
If schools do purchase the VR goggles that Michael Bodekaer invented, how well do you think the students will learn from the virtual experience? Will the VR lab be as good as the real lab?

I think VR could play a huge role in science subjects like physics and chemistry where students can enter into a world of where physics equations can be applied and then simplified for them. Chemistry would be great because they could see the reactions of different chemicals being tested and used to create something new.

I think students would enjoy learning through the use of VR goggles because it just takes them to the next step of learning and using their senses. It’s very engaging and immersive which can be helpful in acquiring knowledge in the sciences. I think VR would be great for people who are immobile, in very rural areas and poor because they could have access to new realities and tours around the world. I think for regular students, they would learn more also because it’s like playing a game while learning.

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