I absolutely think that this is somethin…

I absolutely think that this is something worth investing time and money in. As previously said, it will take quite a bit of time and money, but I think the return could be very positive. Instructors who are passionate about using game based learning techniques and have the training to use MinecraftEDU should continue to spread the word and grow the knowledge base around the topic. As an investor I would invest in the implementation of tools and resources to get Minecraft in to private schools that are already using more technical elements in their teaching and that have the funding to help instructors make the most of the game. I realize that Minecraft may be a fad, but right now it is all the rage. If teachers can learn to advance their technical skills and learn to incorporate game based learning in to their curriculum now, it will help them incorporate the next game fad when the time comes. Relevance and engagement are what will keep kids wanting to come to school and will allow them to apply their fundamental learning skills in a fun way!

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