I agree with Katie that is an interestin…

I agree with Katie that is an interesting concept, and I double down on what Ryan stated regarding that the technology they are trying to sell is extremely limited to a single lesson. To me, it is quite gimmicky and a novel idea to try once and see.
The technology that recognizes the T-Shirt is in the app, the T-Shirt has nothing more of value than any other ordinary t-shirt. The T-Shirt costs $29.00 on Amazon and their website which I find overpriced as well. There are no other parts of the body that are covered and the shirt is the companies entire portfolio. This is where I think they missed the mark. Perhaps a full body design launched to anatomy and health learners would be more suitable, but they could deliver this solely in the app or a Website.
The two co-founders promoting the product seem passionate, but they don’t give me the impression that the experience they have with the shirt will now lead to further successes. I don’t find the business path to success and I am left feeling like they are simply content with what they have done so far. The companies destination is understated and as an investor, their portfolio is simply too small. For me, the risk is too high.