I always think about how we can make tec…

I always think about how we can make technology and physical movement go hand-in-hand. Especially when you talk to kids of today, they all talk about Minecraft, coding, PS4 and more, and the majority of them don’t have any time to move, run, swim..etc.
I can see this product is a combination of both they can play and be physical while they, still, can enjoy coding and programming the device.
The device still is a very big device for some little kids and it seems that it will not be a very comfortable to wear, but knowing kids they will all go for a try especially who uses bikes as part of their daily activity.
As a parent and a teacher, I can see the whole benefits of this wearable device.
Living in Dubai it is almost like living in Winnipeg in many ways. We have an indoor play at school when it is very hot outside to play, however, we encourage the kids to be active inside the classroom or at the gym. therefore, obviously, they ask all teachers to use computers and their own devices. This makes me think how unfortunate to live in a country where you have to stay indoor for your recess time. If we can advertise this device to the point that we can use while the kids enjoy the indoor play by convincing them that you can find the joy of technology and the movement in the same time. that would be as we accomplish a great job to the students. Financially, it needs to be supported by the school board or by the parents.
Great idea.

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