I am interested in investing in this ven…

I am interested in investing in this venture, but I have one major concern. I am worried that your target users might have trouble making the videos required for the assessments. I know the landscape is rapidly changing, but many of the seniors I know struggle to use smartphones. That being said, I have a couple of ideas that I think might benefit your company: first, you mention in your venture pitch (during the bathroom video), that the premium version of your app would allow users to order the grab bars with an in-app purchase. I would suggest that you make that function available for every version of the app because it is a potential revenue stream. Presumably, you will be able to take a percentage of that purchase, so why limit your opportunities to make money? Second, the word ‘virtually’, as an adverb, means ‘nearly’ or ‘almost’. While I realize that you want to put the word ‘safe’ into a digital context, you might not want to have your fall-prevention company’s name be synonymous with ‘Nearly Safe’ or ‘Almost Safe’. If the target user is a senior, it is likely they will be more familiar with the word ‘virtually’ in that context. Great idea, Edwin!

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