I can relate to Carlo’s comment. Despit…

I can relate to Carlo’s comment. Despite that in this set up for schools it might not work exactly, I truly believe that in line with “life long learning”, the skills and competences in the digital economy are changing hence our learning and development planning needs to be adjusted. There is no “space” and time any more to just educate people, train people for a long time, and have them be successful or not successful in the workforce. Its to late to measure it as skills and development are changing.

I think Success-Driven learning could be an ideal opportunity for professional / corporate employment market. For example,
Normally in companies “further development” and new trainings are offer to to employees with the aim to maybe make a career step, a promotion or a switch or to take on new tasks. However the reality is that often this learning landscape is not mirroring the talent / development landscape in a lot of companies. The ones in need for further development are often not exposed to the real needs. But staff members
could benefit from “Success driven learning”, whereby education and training is offered for free until you have made that promotion or career switch. The employer would then for example be able to gain a certain amount back from the employee upon success. Then it will also be more carefully reviewed what kind of education and further developments ares offered and what should be the objective / clear planning behind this for employee and company.