I enjoyed this ELearning page for predic…

I enjoyed this ELearning page for predictions as it is a very user friendly page to almost click bait us ELearners into reading every article of the various predictions that were posted. I enjoyed reading the Hype Curve page, particularly the Plateau of Productivity page that discusses MOOTs. As Hicken stated in his prediction on MOOCS: “MOOCs: We will go against the grain a bit here and argue that MOOCs AREN’T DEAD. Our evidence? All the MOOCs out there. And all the quasi-MOOCs in higher education and CE: the cheap online master’s degrees that seemingly every big-name university is now offering. These online courses might be less massive and open than a purist’s MOOC, but there’s no question that the universities experimented with the Coursera model and learned from it. Even our own Masters Classes have become more MOOC and less Coursera. Hicken goes on to defend the MOOC by stating that the class of online master’s degrees is not open, but it is more open. These are either MOOCs or quasi-MOOCs, and if you can accept that shift in meaning, then MOOCs are enjoying a thriving productivity.
There is a great deal of information for learning ventures, K-12, higher education, and corporate to analyze the digital trends. Although I agree that “Expert market predictions are a lot like fast foods – there’s an unaccountable appetite for them relative to their questionable nutritional value”, they still possess the feeling of having “an edge” on the future.
Bookmark the page for release of the 2019 eLearning Hype Curve that is scheduled to be released on Nov. 27th.