I enjoyed your creative elevator pitch a…

I enjoyed your creative elevator pitch and you’ve given some great details to this pitch and I particularly like the fact that the reading level will be adjusted to the user. Unfortunately, I would not be able to invest in this venture as I feel that some more details need to be fleshed out. Firstly, I feel that you may be facing some strong competition with the push for virtual reality to be used in museums (i.e. the British Museum launched it for a weekend trial last year). While your technology would be cheaper, technology tends to decrease in price, and as VR decrease in price, how will your product stay competitive? Secondly, you mentioned that users can turn off the functionality to view gift shop items. This sounded like from your pitch a major point to your venture to increase revenue through gift shop sales. If that is the case and the functionality can be turned off, how would this impact the attraction of revenue generated by your potential buyers? I can see a lot of potential for your gamification portion, but I would be cautious about the game itself. How would you ensure that the user is experiencing the museum/park and not caught up in the game?

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