I felt uncomfortable posting a video for…

I felt uncomfortable posting a video for this assignment as I was concerned that it would be shared in public social media so I wrote this response instead:

Comments or ideas are presented in a society with expectations and standards. Years later, those expectations and standards change, but the messages have not. A joke that is considered risqué today could easily be considered offensive in the future and could have negative impacts on the poster’s life.

Even casual friendly connections in social media can be detrimental to participants. In the future, if either participant is vilified, the online friend can have negative consequences by association.

Pictures posted on social media can also be problems. If one is unaware of the entire context of the background of a picture (and no one is ever aware of all the context), one could be called out for being insensitive.

There is a convincing argument that students will be using social media anyway and are therefore better equipped by learning about social media within an educational context. However, I think that some students (such as my own teen son) have opted to minimize social media participation and should not be coerced to participate in social media by teachers. If a teacher told my son that he had to participate in social media for a class, I would be contacting school officials to have this practice removed. For the vast majority that do use social media, I think that they should be educated in the full dangers of future ramifications of jokes or slightly controversial comments. This can be accomplished outside of public forums.