I have a personal interest in Genomics a…

I have a personal interest in Genomics as I am currently a soon-to-be father. I teach Bio 12/AP Bio so have a pretty solid understanding of genomics (or so I think!), but I think ventures like this, where we can gain a greater understanding of the genotype-phenotype divide (and our ability to narrow this divide) will lead to untold benefits. Some benefits might include tailored (customized) healthcare, medication and diet (based on DNA).. We already do this, for PKU for example… but building a larger genomics database will benefit all of us, especially when it comes to preventative medicine. We all know that genetics and environment are closely linked (in other words, you are not ‘fated’ to develop certain phenotypes, even if you possess a particular genotype– it depends on environmental ‘triggers’ that we are still learning about). Who wouldn’t want to know that avoiding this food, or taking this medication, could prevent a disease later in life (or delay it for 10-20 years)?

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