I have been lucky enough to get to play…

I have been lucky enough to get to play with google cardboard and have been brainstorming how it could be used in a shop class. One area that I can see potential in is safety testing. Currently in most shop classes safety is taught through a demonstration followed by a traditional summative test. We are unable to demonstrate everything as some simulations would be too dangerous to attempt, though would be informative to see. I would be interested in exploring the use of augmented reality to increase shop safety.

Another area I could see using google cardboard would be through creating virtual tours on how to complete a project or use a tool. Much of my time as a teacher is spent answering the question “what next?” I dislike assigning projects that use one specific set of plans. Instead I tend to issue design challenges and the students create their own plans. This means I am often teaching different processes and tool uses to small groups of students at different times. If the students were able to use google cardboard to effectively lean new processes or tool use, it would be a game changer in my classroom.

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