I know the teachers at my school use Edm…

I know the teachers at my school use Edmodo a lot and some use Fresh Grade. I think it’s great Edmodo is very versatile and it’s free. Students can communicate with each other and they are able to access their homework and classwork through this community. I am currently using Google Classroom and I know my school district is moving towards using only Google Classroom. I find it easy to use and I can relay information very quickly through this medium. Homework can be distributed, collected and marked easily. My biggest concern would be more learning to do, reliable Internet connection, students having a device at all times in class and outside. I think it’s a great vehicle to connect with the masses. I like how I can set up each classroom and give them content to everybody. It’s quick and helpful in the classroom. I believe my school district had to buy Google Classroom and students need to have their own Google school account and sometimes I have to send them to the library to find out their email and password, especially with the international students. That can eat a lot of classroom time.

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