I like your elevator pitch. You clearly…

I like your elevator pitch. You clearly identify how this product can be helpful in companies to improve many elements in a workplace environment while also decreasing the cost. It lead me to view your venture pitch, you were able to pack a lot of information in that time. I realize to get everything you wanted to include the pitch ended up being much longer than one would like, almost double our allotted time. A level of refinement which can include eliminating information that isn’t quite as impertinent to your pitch is a skill and I think your pitch could have benefited from. A difficult task I know, when you feel every part adds value to your presentation. I do think your product is viable in the market and could be definitely picked up by many companies wanting to improve their efficiencies. I do appreciate your viewpoint on how you plan to grow your business model and you’re very specific in identifying your team, phases of product roll-out, and the financial costs to the prospective investor. Very thorough!

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