I plan to revisit this page to see futur…

I plan to revisit this page to see future trends that they publish. The yearly Hype Curve is what I find to be the most interesting. As an LMS provider it makes sense that they would be concerned with these trends; seeking to incorporate them into their products and creating these charts and other white papers to get people visiting their site and aware of who they are. While it may not provide critical analysis of these trends, it provides additional information on what these trends are and ways that they can be used by teachers or educational institutions. Other eLearning ventures can also use this information to make sure they are staying on trend and possibly look into tying their solutions with this company.

While the overall hype around these areas ins’t too important to me, knowing what is up-and-coming does provide great insight for what I may want to research further as something to bring into my class. No matter how much analysis one website provides, I will always search out more information externally as well. I believe this to be true of most professionals. This resource can get you on your way quickly. It is also one of the few sources provided that continues to publish trends yearly. In my own search, I only found trends for right now that did not seem to have a periodic release/update schedule and did not actually provide much value. While what is published may be biased towards their own products, it also adds credibility as they should know their own industry to a large extent.

This site is simple, straight-forward and I believe the trends reported are on track. Some of the trends listed I had only heard of last semester from a fellow student, showing that this could be a way to stay up-to-date after graduation.

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