I really enjoyed both your elevator and…

I really enjoyed both your elevator and venture pitches, Eva! You have covered every aspect of the content from pain point to the return on investment! Your enthusiasm comes through loud and clear and that’s important as an EVA! Your team looks very strong and with your many years of experience in this area, I trust you know what you’re talking about! The nursing field is not one I am familiar with so I needed to spend a bit of time to understand all the challenges and complexities that you spoke of. (Embarrassingly, I had to look up exactly what a ‘preceptor’ was!) As I was going through your venture pitch, I was initially thinking it was like SLACK for nurses. I’m wondering what your app would do that a tool like SLACK couldn’t do. When I hear the essence of what you want to do…streamline communication …what are the drawbacks from other “group” communication tools? My only other question would be about the size of investment you’re seeking. That seems like a lot of money and I’m wondering if you could potentially roll the app out in stages as money comes in. (maybe I just am unaware how much it costs to build an app?) Thanks for this great pitch! I’m impressed!

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