I really enjoyed this modules and the po…

I really enjoyed this modules and the polish that went into the presentation. I wanted to provide some constructive feedback for your OER that I think could benefit the remaining modules.

As someone that works exclusively with adult learners I feel like a bit of an outlier in the MET program despite it being advertised as a program for instructional designers in education. The majority of people in the class are K-12 teachers but some of us are not. I found the module made the assumption that all of us are school teachers. Consequently some of the activities I did not have much value to add to. To be fair this criticism is fair across quite a few of the courses I am currently taking so I think this is a greater problem of the program.

My other constructive critique is the scheduling of the module. We’ve had a bit of a debate within my project group about this issue as well. Adult learners (which all of us are) are self-directed learners and the reality is that most of us work full time while taking an online program. I do my school work on the weekends and so when I logged on today I had already missed the first two activities that were scheduled during the weekdays. Of course schedules and deadlines matter, but an important aspect when designing online for adults is flexibility in delivery. This might mean avoiding synchronous activities when a comparable asynchronous alternative is available. It also means recognizing that there are some days of the week where adult learners will be offline.

I wanted to emphasize that you had many strengths to your module. You helped link the content to the professional context of the learners and recognized prior experience.
I found an excellent guide if people wanted to have something to quickly refer to when designing for adult learners: http://hlwiki.slais.ubc.ca/index.php/Adult_learning_theory_(andragogy)