I really enjoyed your presentation of th…

I really enjoyed your presentation of the material and how you showed students actually using the product. I do believe that this will be a hot item at Christmas this year, as it’s now starting to make it’s way into the mainstream markets. I liked how you broke down different levels of investment for backers on your website, much like Kickstarter or Indiegogo does. This allows the backer to invest how much they wish to, while seeing what their investment does for you and shows exactly what they will get back from it.
As for the product, I have seen electricity circuits in 3D printing already and I’m just wondering what your edge is. What makes you really stand out from the competition? How much would this product both cost to make and cost the customer to buy (retail price)?
I’m looking forward to seeing these in the classroom in the future! Anything to get students more motivated to work and learn!

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