I really like the ability to mix and mat…

I really like the ability to mix and match chapters in customized textbook(s) for my class. I also love the vision of people competing to produce content for selection in people’s custom books. However, this spikes my interest in the rewards model for the content creators’ risk in producing chapters for YourText. How does their profit potential compare to current sources of revenue including mainstream publishing, other digital downloads and ad revenue in current options? I would need to see if your incentives for content creation were compelling enough to generate content after you have burned through your funding in the initial buildup phase. As a teacher who is adjusting to many other forms of digital technology in my learning activities, I would like to have access to books that other teachers in my district may have already complied that I could simply tweak instead of building from scratch so I would suggest that you add the ability to browse recently created books with filters like: topic, district/course, local area etc.

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