I really like the digital magazine progr…

I really like the digital magazine program you used – I will definitely look into it for my personal use. I thought you did a good job outlining the paint point. Gamification and a focus on increased student motivation are hot topics right now as outlined in the Horizon Report and various other ed tech trend reports (including Ambient Insight as your report mentions). In addition the providing the amount being ask of investors, your report also outlines the expenses of the company, which is helpful for me as an investor. Also, I appreciate the tagline “Gameful Design Platform” as it succinctly summarises the product.

However, I am hesitant about ClassCraft as a direct competitor to your company. You have differentiated yourself from ClassCraft by providing a wider arrange of tools and a more teacher-friendly platform. However, with ClassCraft regularly improving their platform, I feel they would have a head start over your company for making these improvements. They also have the first to market advantage and have established a strong following over the past few years. 3D Hive may be another direct competitor of your company as a software that immerses students in a 3D digital world in which they complete quests and tasks set up by the teacher.

My second concern is the price of the software for users. Even with the inflated budgets of international schools, 150US per class is a high cost, especially if teachers teach multiple sections. A ClassCraft subscription is 96USD per year so the interface would need to be well-designed to persuade teachers and school to shell out the money. Have you considered a Freemium business model? This may entice users to try the product. I do believe teachers are looking for accessible ways to gamify learning and would be interested in investing in this product if I had a clearer picture of what makes this software different from those already on the market.

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