I really like your idea, first because i…

I really like your idea, first because it is the main driver behind my decision to take the MET, I had an interest in creating interactive language learning “textbooks”.
Nitpicks —
First, your picture on your homepage needs a better resolution, fuzzy is no professional
Next, I think your elevator pitch was quite good, but it could have benefited from narration, but that is just my personal preference, not everyone’s. Also, it felt much more like a sales pitch than a venture pitch, I wish you had have included more business-like information in it, how will this make me money as an investor, as cool as your product might be, show me the money…
Finally, a huge nitpick on my part, but your use of “build up” should be switched with the term “scaffolding” from the Vygotsky camp of learning terms. It is a term well know in educational circles and just would give it a much more professional and knowledgeable feel.

Now this is not a nitpick, it is a real concern. I felt that the Why Invest to the Revenue sections were a little light on information. I want to know what your predictions for the future are, how many clients will you get in the first year, how are you going to market it and connect with the schools, etc.

If I were to have more of this investment information, I could definitely think about investing as this is a sound product that will greatly benefit language learners.

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