I really liked your pitches, Joyce! Very…

I really liked your pitches, Joyce! Very well done: detailed, creative, great design! However, I would not invest in this venture. I would prefer to invest in a product that has been developed already. I want to see it in action and decide whether it I think it is going to be successful and bring profit to me. Also, you are focusing on personalization and use two authoring tools (Articulate Storyline and Captivate) as competitors, where main focus is on rapid content development, not personalization, with a long learning curve. I think this may scare teachers away the moment they hear it. Although I worked on a personalization topic for our group project, and I feel there is a great potential in it, I think young learners may not know what they might be interested in until the opportunities are introduced to them. So, letting the system suggest options for young learners based on their current interests does not sound like the best possible educational experience for me.

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