I teach photography and communications m…

I teach photography and communications media. One of my goals is to get students to communicate without using written words so much. I get them to use an epic set of photos, infographics, and directing a short video to tell a story and get a message across to a certain audience/viewer. Our world is so fast paced and busy people don’t have time to read a whole set of instructions let alone read a whole essay to receive a message. Rather they look at the pictures to figure out the instructions or watch a quick video tutorial. Everyone has a phone at their side and they are constantly scrolling on different apps, if they get bored they click out of it. Most people get their news information by looking at the title and solely reading the title for the article. The attention span we have is very limited, that is why this VIL is an important part of future education – it is a way to grab our attention and keep us invested.Kids are more likely to look at the pictures in the textbook rather than actually read it. However, VIL is not just putting on a 2 hour documentary for your students to watch. In order for it to be impactful, it need to be short, flashy and get the point across as quick as possible.

Think tik Tok for example, the maximum video is 60 seconds, if it doesn’t grab one’s attention in the first 10 seconds one just scrolls past it and onto the next. This puts negative pressure on many different sectors of our economy from education to business if we don’t learn from this and incorporate VIL into the classroom as well as business models as the consumer/learner will lose interest. Videos are becoming almost essential for business to have on their websites. Trendy instagram feeds are essential for drawing consumers to your products or services.

VIL incorporates many different emerging markets into one, linking it to VR, social media and gamification just to name a few . VIL isn’t just restricted to the walls of my photo and video this emerging market allows kids and adults with various learning needs to be successful. Students with dyslexia or ELL are able to see and visualize their math problem without it just being numbers on a paper, rather it could be a “mathletics” game. English stories become movies, youtube videos and pictures. Science problems become more than just a textbook reading and rather a science experiment or 3D model printing. I feel like Visually intensive learning is a cross curricular market and a paramount to one’s success in the classroom and stretching far to the business sector.