I think I posted my review in the wrong…

I think I posted my review in the wrong area. Still getting used to the site! 😛

I thought this report did a good job of identifying trends from the last year. Five of the items were things that I had heard being discussed as they were emerging in the last year, and the sixth was a topic that has been gathering momentum. I found this report to be very interesting and I think that it would help educators to be creative and aware of new trends. The publication is intended for museums, and as such the suggestions and examples would need to be adapted for other uses, but many could be a source of inspiration. For example, the Tate Modern hosted an event where participants stayed overnight in the museum and created digital artworks. This would be an interesting idea for educators and could be linked to a local museum or even a topic being taught in class. I’m not sure how useful it would be to learning technologies specialists and ventures, other than the fact that it is an effective summary and would bring awareness of what museums are doing with these technologies on which perhaps they could capitalize. However, there are probably more useful publications available.

I really liked this report for my own interest, and I would read it again next year because it is a great (and easy!) summary of the top technology trend which have emerged in the last year. I would recommend it to an educator that is looking for some creative ways to use new technology and is interested in thinking beyond the traditional classroom. However, because the ideas are for museums it would take some technological interest and understanding to apply them to a school setting. Overall, I would say this publication is moderately useful, unless you are specifically in the museum industry.

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