I think its extremely exciting what is p…

I think its extremely exciting what is possible with AR / VR and mixed reality. I think this will eventually become fully intergrated in our day to day lives, infrastructure, processes at work at home and also I think in the field of learning and education.

The current changes in the educational landscape has already asedk for a shift in the role of educators. One change is the shift form a traditional teaching approach to a constructivist role (The constructivist Classroom) (Bush, 2006). We have moved from information transformation, to engaging students by enforcing critical thinking, problem- or project -solving, collaboration, and self-directed learning. In these environments, students benefit from active learning experiences, and clear connections between study content (knowledge and skills) and the real world. This requests that educators explore new tools that match their learning materials and assignments to real-life scenario’s (Educause, 2017). Virtual reality seems to be ideal for this.

VR, originates from the game industry. Game environments are supportive in i.e. empowering the learner, problem solving and understanding complex situations (Gee, 2015). VR enhances student motivation and engagement, even without the presence of an educator. A virtual world allows users to understand, create, analyze and recognize information. This stimulates to remember and evaluate information. It also helps to apply information in a new context; and to create new relevant connections (Connectivism theory, Bush, 2006).

Immersion in “real life situations” stimulates the feeling of being “present”. Inherent, through VR students can be part of test environments on a smaller scale, and learn by doing, which otherwise not (always) would be possible. Using VR, through visuals and sounds it creates multi sensor stimulation, which can stimulate other emotions (Bohil, et al. 2011). These stimulating effects can have a positive effect on the learning experience.

Magic leap used to be at the forefront of this VR / AR in he entertainment and education field. Now it became slightly commercial with the use of google glasses. But still, I am amazed how quick this technology is changing and what we can do with this.