I think the entrepreneurs are definitely…

I think the entrepreneurs are definitely strong role models for would-be entrepreneurs. They identified a problem (disorganization, forgetfulness) and found a simple solution that is handy (and typically, on hand–text message reminders to your smartphone). They did their homework and considered key aspects such as privacy. The fact that they have an advisory board full of teachers (who are essentially the key players for this business to run successfully) makes me (a teacher) feel comfortable to use this product since I know that teachers have input on the company (makes me think it’s teacher-friendly). I also think it’s important how there is no advertising (which is distracting, in my opinion, especially for a forgetful person). I am very impressed that the investors who have backed successful businesses are involved with Remind 101, along with engineers and programmers. This shows the tenacity of these entrepreneurs in their abilities to promote their product.

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