I think the main thing that I walk away…

I think the main thing that I walk away with is that this whole digital textbook thing is easier than I thought. I mean, the thought of making a textbook seems overwhelming – which is true in the sense that it requires a ton of work, but the digital publishing tools you shared with us makes it seem doable.

I wonder how well this will disrupt the textbook market? I mean, there are powerhouse companies who have been making textbooks for years and I know some (most I assume) are making the shift to digital and interactive textbooks. I am positive if anyone of them hesitate to make this transition they might end up like Blockbuster.

From a learning standpoint I think Digital Textbooks take advantage of the technological advancements in ways that will make learning more meaningful and engaging. I think of my biology textbooks from high school. Imagine if the diagrams were videos and interactive? Personally, I could have seen my personal engagement with the content enhanced.

You guys did a great job. I love the idea of us making a crowdsourced MET Textbook. To be honest I think it is a great resource for all students to give them a better feel for what the courses have to offer than the course calendar descriptions. Make sure you sent a link to David Roy so he can share it with all MET students.

Congrats on a great project!


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