I think this is a very interesting proje…

I think this is a very interesting project. Mental health conditions are certainly on the rise and I think this product would be useful in providing strategies to students to help them manage their condition. I really like the use of analytics, which can help to identify pattern for triggers which could be difficult for children to identify. It also works with two really big, and growing, areas, data analytics and wearables. There is going to be a lot of products coming to market in these two areas and if EmoTech was launch now it could be right in the upswing of these trends.
The actual pitch was very thorough, addressing the problem clearly and then making a very strong case for the product. If I was looking for start-up ventures in this area I would defiantly invest. By putting a case study into the pitch it really showed how the product would actually work in real life and how it would benefit the child, their parents, and their health care team. By briefly outlining the competitors, the pitch showed that there was an awareness of the marketplace and how EmoTech was going to carve out their own section of it. I also liked how there was a section on challenges, because if I was going to invest it would show me that the person had actually thought about the different aspects of the product, the market, manufacturing, promoting, etc. which inspires confidence in the team behind the product.

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